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Todd Schick
7 years ago

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Todd Schick
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Simply stated, when you hire Todd Schick for VO services, you're hiring one of the very best in the business. A 30+ year veteran of the VO industry, Todd Schick's depth and breadth of experience speaks for itself.

Six years as the Imaging voice for the National Global Television Network in Canada, hundreds of episodes of television series and documentaries, staggering amounts of radio and television commercials and hundreds of hours of corporate, e-learning and other narrations.

Todd's vocal range is comfortably 18-40 English Male. Descriptive words include: Guy next door, Natural, Friendly, Announcer, Young, Hip, Real, Warm, Confident, Strong and Quirky. Character voices: "Unlimited" - limited only by the Director/Producers' imagination. The "natural" read a specialty, Todd is about as real as they get in the VO world.

In addition to an extensive, varied background in broadcasting and recording engineering, Todd is also an accomplished actor, bringing those skills to the studio and applying them to the world of voice overs. Those in the industry can well appreciate the value this type of experience can bring to any project.

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